Oakland Museum of California

This is the new website for OMCA (Oakland Museum of California) and art & history museum in Oakland, CA. I feel honored to have been able to implement this application. I believe it's one of the best I've done. The design is very unique and just awesome. I feel that the site, top to bottom, inside and out, is breath-taking. The front end is a masterpiece, and the backend is probably the best drupal backend I've been able to implement.

The View

This website was an incredible opportunity for us at Revere. It is the highest visibility web site I've been able to work on. We worked with the design firm SISU Media. SISU was the best client I've worked with in my career I think (besides Eric Shu and Dave Briz), because they were the perfect mix of professionalism and fun. We all had a great time on the project, we all put in a great deal of high quality effort and it really paid off.

USC - Reporting on Health

Note: This site has since had a theme/css update, but is running on the same platform. At least the code has a little longevity!

Reporting on Health is a social network style web application where journalists can come together to showcase their work. It is mainly targetted at journalism academia, but seems to be useful for working journalists as well. The site has a simple, clean design and a rather robust features set.


This is a real estate website that provides tools to help sellers sell their houses and to find buyer leads. The site is a very solid platform to build a real estate business from. The business owner doesn't use it much, but it can really do a lot. Users of the site can use it to put their house into the Multiple Listing Service without any human intervention. The lowest cost package is $195, what a deal!

Image Metrics

Note: This site has now been redesigned/reimplemented by someone else. Shame, our design was pretty decent.

The Image Metrics website is a very tight, well designed and concise drupal CMS site. It is essentially a marketing website where Image Metrics can showcase their business and their portfolio of work. The site took about 100 hours for the initial deployment and up to 20 hours beyond that to tighten it up.