The Mooniacs Website
June 5, 2011

This little website doesn't look like much, but there's a ton of technology behind it. It is integrated with the game. The game sends stats out to webservers that collect the stats and process them to create leaderboard data. The website then pulls this leaderboard data down and transforms it into some HTML so that we can also see a nice concise little view of what is going on. The site also integrates with a central authentication system that the games also use. That way you can sign into the game with the same account you use to sign into the website and vice versa. 

The technology stack behind the leaderboards is pretty proprietary but i'll just say it uses mainly python and cassandra and I didn't write it. I'm not yet a python convert, but maybe some day. I like languages to look like c, what can i say?


  • Great design
  • Great build
  • My piece was really fun, another facebook integration, another central authentication system. I improved more on my authentication system mastery. I'm getting close to being good at these now.


  • The normal scheduling, project management fire drill up all night panic