Electric Vehicle Training Program

May 1, 2011

This project is a .NET application running on the .NET MVC framework. I love c# and .NET. In my mind MS did 2 things that I think are exceptional: XBOX and .NET. C# is the best language I've used. You don't have to use strong typing everywhere so you can develop more rapidly. C# has an excellent implementation of the decorator pattern. Visual Studio's code generation for creating models, data services etc is magical. I wish Mono had the traction that PHP has and that there was a mac version of visual studio web. I'd switch immediately. Besides .NET, this project is a pretty basic REST interface for a flash app that communicates with XML...xml isn't as nice as JSON I don't think, but it does the job and it worked out quite nicely for this app. I wish I would have implemented my own membership provider instead of using the out-of-the-box one provided by .net mvc. Theirs is not built for production and slows down after about 100 users are in the system. Had I known...oh well, not a hard thing to refactor...but who's gonna pay for that??


  • .NET app, what a fun change of context
  • I was the sole back end developer so I made all design decisions
  • I built lots of reusable tools and whoever takes maintenance of this app will be stoked
  • Great project management, no schedule crises\


  • Used .net mvc's membership provider. HUGE mistake.