Call of Duty: Elite
January 1, 2012

I did this project with the guys at 2advanced. It took 2 years and went through several redesigns before the actual project was launched. There is so much technology packed into this application that it is a bit overwhelming to work on sometimes. The application is heavily integrated into the game. All multi player game play data is pushed out to a farm of over 300 web and database servers (hosted by demonware). Our back end web services layer pulls most of its data from this game-data farm via a Kohana PHP application that has some python extensions. The demonware web servers are in erlang serving JSON web services in python.

The web site front-end is also a Kohana PHP application. It talks with the back end web services over HTTP using curl. The web services provide a JSON interface which store and retrieve most data to and from a semi-sharded mySQL cluster.

This front end uses ajax heavily and lots of jquery. There is a little Flash, but not too much. With all the game data available we've been able to do things like recent matches, match heatmaps and tons of leaderboards in real time. Users can also calculate how long it will take them to level up. I'm so happy this application launched. It was a LOT of work and sometimes a bit nightmarish in terms of client expectations. We did get it done though and the world is now a better place.