This is a few of the projects that I think are either my best work, or a site that has some sentimental value. This isn't a comprehensive list of all projects, because I've worked on some real crappy stuff too! Gotta keep the bills paid =]

Call of Duty: Elite

I did this project with the guys at 2advanced. It took 2 years and went through several redesigns before the actual project was launched. There is so much technology packed into this application that it is a bit overwhelming to work on sometimes.

Doctor Oz

This is the new website for the Doctor Oz show. The website doesn't look like much really, a video blog, nothing too crazy. However, this was the hardest project I've ever worked on.Doctor Oz has the Oprah effect and is the most trafficked site I've been able to be a part of. It gets about 200 requests per second during peak times and 15,000 unique users per hour at times. What was challenging about this site was not so much writing code, but getting the app to scale within a severly restricted hosting environment.

The View

This website was an incredible opportunity for us at Revere. It is the highest visibility web site I've been able to work on. We worked with the design firm SISU Media. SISU was the best client I've worked with in my career I think (besides Eric Shu and Dave Briz), because they were the perfect mix of professionalism and fun. We all had a great time on the project, we all put in a great deal of high quality effort and it really paid off.

The Mooniacs Website

This little website doesn't look like much, but there's a ton of technology behind it. It is integrated with the game. The game sends stats out to webservers that collect the stats and process them to create leaderboard data. The website then pulls this leaderboard data down and transforms it into some HTML so that we can also see a nice concise little view of what is going on. The site also integrates with a central authentication system that the games also use. That way you can sign into the game with the same account you use to sign into the website and vice versa. 

Electric Vehicle Training Program

This project is a .NET application running on the .NET MVC framework. I love c# and .NET. In my mind MS did 2 things that I think are exceptional: XBOX and .NET. C# is the best language I've used. You don't have to use strong typing everywhere so you can develop more rapidly. C# has an excellent implementation of the decorator pattern. Visual Studio's code generation for creating models, data services etc is magical. I wish Mono had the traction that PHP has and that there was a mac version of visual studio web. I'd switch immediately.