Jason's Bio

Jason Michael GordonJason, that's me, is a senior software engineer at OpenX, primarily focused on UI development.


Jason got his start in programming via college, but the real motivation was video games. During his early years at college Jason was fond of MS technologies and specifically DirectX applications using the Win32 raw API. He spent his first year of college learning to create games with DirectX and finally produced the world famous game called "Gordetris". Well, world famous might be stretching it, but there was fun to be had.

After "Gordetris" Jason settled into an obsure scripting language and framework called EasyUO. This language was designed to drive character avatars that existed in the MMORPG Ultima Online. After creating highly complex automated systems called "bots" to make his UO characters insanely skilled and rich Jason decided that not having girlfriends because of that stupid game was not good. He'd had enough! And so he sold all his characters and gold and moved back into the Real world. He hasn't played an MMORPG since.

Nowadays you can find Jason living with his wife and their most awesome dogs, Barkley and Misha. You can find pictures within this website in the photos section. Days are comprised of immense amounts of PHP, HTML, javascript, Adobe Photoshop, Komodo (the best PHP IDE in existence), Linux, MySQL and all those other buzzwords that will hopefully coerce search engines to find this page. During Lunchtime Jason and April typically hike in their nearby hillsides, or go to the beach and hopefully get some waves. Jason, April and their dogs currently reside in Long Beach, CA.