Diary of a Vegetable: Polish

I put some polish on the garden box. I did quite a lot to it since the "Planter Box" phase:

Diary of a Vegetable: Seedlings

The seedlings are starting to grow! April planted some seeds in a mini greenhouse deal. She planted lots of yummy stuff like tomatoes, cucumber, zuccini, chard, lettuces, basil and some spices. Hopefully we don't kill them...they're kind of tender.

Diary of a Vegetable: Planter Box

Screwing some wood together to make a raised garden that is kind of a green-house. Hopefully we can grow some stuff. The dimensions are roughly 3' high, 3' deep, 8' long. The dirt should be around 12" deep...if we even need that much. I priced the wood based on the designs and it looks like it'll run about $200 for all the wood, screws and plastic sheeting that will wrap it once it's screwed together.

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