Mt. Waterman

So we got these cheapo tickets on Groupon for Mt. Waterman for $25. Mt. Waterman is a back woods (for California...) ski lift above La Canada. Like a couple of co-dependent, needy parents, we decided it would be a good idea to bring our dogs! Oh man, what a stroke of genius. Two nervous, panting, drooling, needy dog-childs for the 3 hour trek there. That was mildly fun because we I got to not drive. I get too pissed off when the dogs are all up in my business whilst I'm navigating traffic, so April forces me to sit in the passenger seat while she calmly causes the world to be at peace.

Grand Canyon

We went to the Grand Canyon. Took the dogs in the Forester. Listened to some audio books. One was really bad, the other was decent. It was about George Washington and the revolutionary war. It gave me a fresh perspective on the 4th of July. I've been reading alot of war books and watching alot of war TV and movies lately. They've given me a new perspective on how hard it was for my grandpa to recover from that war. 

Dodger Game

We went to the Dodgers game. The Dodgers played the Colorado Rockies. The Dodgers won 2-0. It was a good game, but kind of boring because it was mostly a pitching game. I forgot that I actually like baseball, and going to games is really fun.


We went to vegas and had a really great time. Here's what we did:

San Francisco

Over Christmas vacation we took a road trip up to San Fransisco. It was really fun. On the way up we listened to Mackenzie Philips's book "High on Arrival". It was really interesting and made the time fly. What a screwed up life that family led. Makes me very thankful.

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