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December was the best month of the year! All the work was done, the last checks rolled in and time to spend some of it. We went to mammoth twice! The snow was a bit of a bummer because there wasn't any, but it was really cold and there were definitely some fun boarding runs open. We took the dogs up to a cabin in convict lake which was a real hassle, but overall very glad to have done it. It's a good memory.


November was a bit of a blur. Here are the major things that happened and some pics:

Mt. Waterman

So we got these cheapo tickets on Groupon for Mt. Waterman for $25. Mt. Waterman is a back woods (for California...) ski lift above La Canada. Like a couple of co-dependent, needy parents, we decided it would be a good idea to bring our dogs! Oh man, what a stroke of genius. Two nervous, panting, drooling, needy dog-childs for the 3 hour trek there. That was mildly fun because we I got to not drive. I get too pissed off when the dogs are all up in my business whilst I'm navigating traffic, so April forces me to sit in the passenger seat while she calmly causes the world to be at peace.


Today I had surgery by a periodontist. I can't remember the crazy name of the surgery, but the purpose of it was to detach the tendon that lives between my two front teeth. In most people this tendon grows up into the upper lip, but mine stayed in between my two front teeth and causes a huge gap. The gap has been growing forever and now it's impacting my other teeth. So, I had the surgery done. Hopefully my gap shrinks now.


So, I turned 31. Officially a thirty-something. We celebrated my birthday by going to Original Pancake House in Anaheim and then to Disneyland. I must say, the pancake house was really freakin' good. On par with Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. Disneyland was really fun too. Everything seemed so much smaller than I remember it.

Palm Springs 4th of July

Smiley April

We took a trip to Palm Springs for the 4th of July. It was really fun. We stayed at my parent's new house at the base of the north-easterly mountain range in the "Mountain View" complex. It has a gated entry, very snazzy.

The drive was nice, it only took 2 hours. We took the 74 (Ortega Highway) to the 215 to the 60 to the 10. The nice thing about taking the 74 is that it's a fairly lush mountain pass and is really peaceful. I think taking that route helped us beat 4th of July traffic, because it was super minimal.

Me & April

Here are some pictures of April and I in various locations.

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