My friends. Poor bastards...

Bachelor Party

Went to Vegas for Hsiang's bachelor party. Best Vegas trip I've ever had. Can't go into too much detail...not that I ever do anyway...but it was super fun. The funniest moment was when we  were really hammered from playing King's cup in the suite. We made star trek costumes, then hauled Hsiang down to a 24-hr wedding chapel to do a star trek wedding. That was awesome. Pictures are on facebook. Nerds rule.


We went to vegas and had a really great time. Here's what we did:


So, I turned 31. Officially a thirty-something. We celebrated my birthday by going to Original Pancake House in Anaheim and then to Disneyland. I must say, the pancake house was really freakin' good. On par with Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. Disneyland was really fun too. Everything seemed so much smaller than I remember it.

Agricola, the best game ever?

Yesterday (Sunday) I had game night with my friends Jon Moore, John Lewis and Hsiang Wong. We played Agricola. I'm pretty sure it's the best board game I've ever played. I love monopoly, it's a freakin' great game, but Agricola is something above and beyond that. It takes a lot of strategy and a little bit of luck. Even if you have bad luck, if you have a well executed strategy, you can still win.

Sector 9 Warehouse

Sector 9 WarehouseJmo just sent me this shot of the Sector 9 warehouse. He's an IT guy for Billabong and gets to go to cool places like this. It's pretty impressive. I never realize the magnitude of modern day production facilities. Even for a "small" skateboard company like Sector 9.

Pictures of Friends

Here are some pictures of my Planetwide Games friends. I left a bit early that night so I didn't get to be in any of these pictures.

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