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April & Barkley

This is April & Barkley. They're the best beings. One cooks great and is the most lovliest woman in the world. The other one poops and pees a lot, loves unconditionally and has the funniest smells. Guess which is which??


December was the best month of the year! All the work was done, the last checks rolled in and time to spend some of it. We went to mammoth twice! The snow was a bit of a bummer because there wasn't any, but it was really cold and there were definitely some fun boarding runs open. We took the dogs up to a cabin in convict lake which was a real hassle, but overall very glad to have done it. It's a good memory.

April's a good time

Some pics of my life partner. She makes life so much better, easier and fun. Can't really have pics of her without pics of the dogs though.

Mt. Waterman

So we got these cheapo tickets on Groupon for Mt. Waterman for $25. Mt. Waterman is a back woods (for California...) ski lift above La Canada. Like a couple of co-dependent, needy parents, we decided it would be a good idea to bring our dogs! Oh man, what a stroke of genius. Two nervous, panting, drooling, needy dog-childs for the 3 hour trek there. That was mildly fun because we I got to not drive. I get too pissed off when the dogs are all up in my business whilst I'm navigating traffic, so April forces me to sit in the passenger seat while she calmly causes the world to be at peace.


We went to vegas and had a really great time. Here's what we did:

La Jolla

We went to La Jolla. We'd planned to go to Balboa Park, but the waves were huge and I wanted to see them breaking in La Jolla coves. It was a good day. We brought Barkley. Turns out he's quite a lover of seals in addition to his affinity for poops and urinations.


Today we had a crazy nature experience. We went on a hike off the beaten path up near a trail we call the Utility Road. The utility road is a back road used only by maintenance trucks and such. It meanders along a ridge of hills behind our house. Off of this trail are many sub trails that descend into really beautiful little hill valleys. We decided that since it had recently rained and everything was very green, that we should take one of our long nature hikes.


San Francisco

Over Christmas vacation we took a road trip up to San Fransisco. It was really fun. On the way up we listened to Mackenzie Philips's book "High on Arrival". It was really interesting and made the time fly. What a screwed up life that family led. Makes me very thankful.


We went on our honeymoon right after the wedding. We stayed at the Playa Excellence in northern Cancun. It was the best vacation I've had by far. The hotel was all inclusive, 4 star food, top shelf alchohol, and it was just gorgeous. The service was unmatched. I can't believe places like that actually exist. It was so amazing.


Hard to believe, but we're married now. We had the most awesome wedding at Ragged Point Inn in Big Sur CA. It was the best day of my life, hands down completely the best. All our family and friends were there. It was beautiful. We cried. We danced. We had so much fun. Wish I could do that once a year!

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