Mt. Waterman

So we got these cheapo tickets on Groupon for Mt. Waterman for $25. Mt. Waterman is a back woods (for California...) ski lift above La Canada. Like a couple of co-dependent, needy parents, we decided it would be a good idea to bring our dogs! Oh man, what a stroke of genius. Two nervous, panting, drooling, needy dog-childs for the 3 hour trek there. That was mildly fun because we I got to not drive. I get too pissed off when the dogs are all up in my business whilst I'm navigating traffic, so April forces me to sit in the passenger seat while she calmly causes the world to be at peace. It's nice because then I get to give my dogs scratches and snacks. A pretty good deal.

So, when we finally get there we take our dogs for their 3rd shit of the day, and April gives them some water. It's cold so the water starts to freeze over. At which point (we're already super stressed at the thought of leaving our dogs alone in the car while we snowboard) April about breaks into tears because she doesn't want to be a bad dog-parent. It's cute, but kind of stresses me out too.

We then wait in line for an hour to acquire our tickets. We get our tickets, wait another 30 minutes to get on the lift, then ascend into what is an extremely gorgeous, powdery mountain of glory. Then we get off the lift and realize that we have two options here at backwoods Mt. Waterman: really flat areas, and really steep, tree filled powder zones of death. We choose the latter. After hitting 6 or 7 trees each, getting snow in every orifice of our bodies and eventually sledding out on our asses, we decided to take the dogs and make a snowman. This was the highlight of the day actually, because it was the best snowman I've made since I was like 5.