Diary of a Vegetable: Polish

I put some polish on the garden box. I did quite a lot to it since the "Planter Box" phase:

  1. Laid in the floor boards
  2. Wrapped the basin in plastic sheeting
  3. Wrapped the above-box frame in plastic sheeting (used 8 guage aluminum wiring to give it some support)
  4. Filled it with dirt and steer manure
  5. Stained the outside so it didn't look quite so horrible...even tho it still looks pretty shitty
  6. Built a door for it using the 8g alum wiring
  7. Put some young plants in there (2 tomatoes, some cumbers, some beans)
  8. Planted some lettuces, beets and peas

Man, this is going to be awesome. Next up a compost bin?