• December

    December was the best month of the year! All the work was done, the last checks rolled in and time to spend some of it. We went to mammoth twice! The snow was a bit of a bummer because there wasn't any, but it was really cold and there were definitely some fun boarding runs open. We took the dogs up to a cabin in convict lake which was a real hassle, but overall very glad to have done it. It's a good memory.

  • November

    November was a bit of a blur. Here are the major things that happened and some pics:

  • Oct-Nov

    From Oct 13 2011 till today I've been working non-stop, nights and weekends. I've managed to fit in a few nights of celebrate recovery and a couple softball games, but that's about it. Getting a bit tired from work, but it's almost over. COD Elite launched and was a complete failure, for so many reasons. Ace combat is about 12hrs from launch and is looking to go pretty smoothly. Here's the summary of the month:

  • Almost Christmas...again...

    It's been quite a while since I wrote anything in here. I guess I go through cycles, sometimes I'm all gung ho and excited about life, and sometimes I'm not. When I'm excited, I write more, actually make facebook posts and try to bring a little happiness into the world. When I'm not...well, I'm kind of boring, selfish and hermetical.

    So, here's what's been going on:

  • April's a good time

    Some pics of my life partner. She makes life so much better, easier and fun. Can't really have pics of her without pics of the dogs though.